The Link University City For International Students


The Resources You Need

Studying as an international student is one of the most exciting experiences imaginable. Amazing new sights and incredible new people await you in Philadelphia! To be as prepared as possible for your exciting new journey, there are some things you’ll want to know before you arrive. Below are some helpful tips for international students in Philadelphia.

Getting To The Link University City From The Airport

When you land at Philadelphia International Airport, you’ll want to head to Airport Terminal A where you’ll find the Airport Train Line. You’ll want to take Train #444 toward Center City Philadelphia. Get off at the 30th Street Station and walk to the 30th Street Trolley Station. Take the #10 Trolley toward 63rd-Malvern only four stops to 36th & Lancaster Avenue. The trolley will drop you off at our doorstep! For the complete list of directions, visit Google Maps.

Using Philadelphia Transportation

One of the great things about Philadelphia is the abundance of public transportation available to residents. You can find out how to get around Philadelphia by foot, by biking, by car and by public transit all on the Visit Philly website! Luckily, The Link University City has a Trolley stop right outside our front door, linking your apartment to the rest of the city!

Getting US Money & A US Bank Account

One of the first things you’ll want to do when you get to the United States is exchange your money for US Dollars. You can do this at the Philadelphia Airport. Most banks and credit unions will also have this service.
Finding a bank in Philadelphia can be tricky. You want to choose an option with a location close to your apartment that won’t charge service fees for having a checking account. You’ll also want an institution that has online banking services (this is almost all of them nowadays). Some of our favorite banking options for international students are below:


Getting A US Cell Phone

Verizon has an international student plan that takes all this into account that we recommend. They have a store just down the road from The Link. T-Mobile also has some great options for international students.

Getting Household Items

The Link University City furnishes your apartment with all of the larger items you’ll need to fill your floor plan including couches, beds, kitchen appliances, and more. As an international student, it’s unlikely that you’ll be bringing much with you to the US, so for all the little household items that don’t already come with your apartment, you can shop at Target!

Getting Groceries

Find a grocery store close to your apartment so you don’t have to go out of your way to get your food for the week. The Fresh Grocer of Walnut and Trader Joe’s are both nearby.

Having Fun in Philadelphia

Aside from the resident events at The Link, there are endless options for having fun in Philadelphia. Drexel University has plenty of campus activities going on all the time. For the complete list of things to do in Philadelphia, go to the Visit Philly website. Below are some of our personal favorite attractions:

Getting Health Care

University City is covered largely by hospital campuses. Penn Presbyterian Medical Center is right around the corner from The Link, and the Hospital of The University of Pennsylvania is down the road.

Finding Your Consulate Or Embassy

Your country likely has an embassy or consulate in Philadelphia and contact information can be found here. If for some reason, you cannot find your delegate in Philadelphia, reach out to your embassy in Washington D.C. Find their info on this website.

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